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Includes 10 Liners

Cart Safe liners are recyclable shopping cart liners that cover the outside of the cart, the inside of the cart, the handle and even the basket. Each liner’s patented design is super easy to put on and even easier to take off, and it’s recyclable so you can feel good while protecting your family. Cart Safe liners add that extra layer of protection to give you peace of mind every time you shop.


Each pack of 10 Cart Safe recyclable liners come in a 10.6" x 13.8" by 5" bag when shipped to the consumer. The cart liner is LDPE 4 recyclable.
Material of bags: LDPE

LDPE is high pressure-low density polyethylene. 
The density is 0.910~0.925g/cm2. The melting point is 107 °C.

Low-density polyethylene has good flexibility, extensibility, electrical insulation, transparency, ease of processing, and a certain degree of breathability. It has good chemical stability, alkali resistance and general organic solvent resistance. The mechanical strength, transparency, and aging resistance are poor.