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Scottsdale woman gets patent on plastic shopping cart liners


Scottsdale woman gets patent on plastic shopping cart liners

SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - What may look like a giant, blue shower cap to some, people has become a growing business for an East Valley woman. Andi Barness invented Cart Safe --a plastic, recyclable cover for shopping carts – in March. Even before the pandemic, she always had a mind for sanitation.

"When I went to the supermarket, I was wiping down everything," she said. "I've always been one of those people to wipe down the carts," said Barness.

Thanks to her invention, she doesn't have to do that anymore. The plastic liners each have an elastic band to help securely cover every part of a shopping cart, protecting you from things like germs, dirty diaper residue, and whatever the birds may have done to the cart while it sat outside. The design fits the shape of the carts, including holes for kids' legs and space for items in the front.

"Once the media started talking about how germs and bacteria and COVID and dirt and everything was on everything, I started to freak out about every little thing in the shopping cart," Barness said. "It really grossed me out and made me think, 'Oh my goodness. I am not doing nearly enough when I go to the grocery store to protect me and my family.'"

Barness admits she doesn't see anyone else at the store with the liners yet, but she also doesn't mind the looks people give her.

"What's great is most of the people have said, 'Genius!'" Barness said.

Business for Cart Safe just keeps rolling. Barness quickly sold through her first container of the liners, and more inventory is on the way. The website limits customers to 2 packages of 10 liners per person.

"We got a full patent on this, which is nice because nobody can ever do this. We're the only ones, and I was actually shocked no one had done it before," she said.

Barness is confident her new idea is here to stay even after the pandemic ends.

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